The Bowmen of Petersfield club is open to both Junior and Senior Archers. An annual membership fee, renewable in September, is payable to join the club and a target fee is charged for each shooting session attended.

Our current (2022/23) membership fees are:

  • £50 - Senior
  • £25 - Junior (under 18 on the renewal due date)
All club members will be invited to the Annual General Meeting, which is held in Petersfield each October/November.
The club is administered by a Committee which is elected by the AGM. Any club member can apply to join the committee at the AGM.
A copy of our constitution is available here

If you are interested in joining us then please contact the secretary who can give you more details of our membership.
Only experienced archers, including those who have recently completed a beginners course with another club are able to join directly. Anyone else interested in joining the club will be asked to complete the beginners course before their membership will be accepted.

The club subscription fee is due annually by the 1st October and we ask for all renewals to be made by mid September. There is a reduced fee available for those joining part way through the year, but this is not available to lapsed members rejoining within 18 months.

Target fees

As well as the membership fee, we charge members a Target Fee at each shooting session to cover the cost of the hire of the facilities.

Our target fees for members shooting indoors are:

  • £5.00 - Senior (Members)
  • £2.50 - Juniors (Members)
Our target fees for members shooting outdoors are:
  • £2.00 - Senior (Members)
  • £1.00 - Juniors (Members)
Members of other clubs are welcome to shoot with us as a guest and will be charged double the members target fee, ie £10 for indoor and £4 for outdoor sessions.

The charge does not apply at the Annual Club Open Tournament (Saint and Halo Shoot), where an entry fee is charged instead and it does not apply to those on the beginners course, where it is included in the overall course fee.


Bowmen of Petersfield is fully affiliated to Archery GB and all shooting Club members must be members of Archery GB.

Membership of Archery GB also requires affiliation to the appropriate County and Regional Archery Associations. For Bowmen of Petersfield this is Hampshire Archery Association (HAA) and Southern Counties Archery Society (SCAS).

For most club members Archery GB, HAA and SCAS affiliation is administered by the club secretary, and the fees involved collected as part of the annual membership renewal.

Members can choose to affiliate directly with Archery GB, or affiliate via another club. For these members they must confirm that their affiliation is active when first joining the club, and again at each renewal point. A valid Archery GB membership card will need to be shown to a member of the club committee as confirmation.
This also applies to visiting archers who wish to shoot at the club, either during a club shooting session or by entry to any club tournament.

Full details of how to join Archery GB, and the fees involved are available at the Archery GB website, and similarly for HAA and SCAS. Links to these websites are at the bottom of this page.

Therefore the total cost of joining Bowmen of Petersfield as a senior member is £107.00 per annum, including club and affiliation fees (as at 2022/23).
For Senior members under 25 (at the date of joining) the total cost is £72.00 per annum.
For Junior members under 18 (at the date of joining) the total cost is £44.50 per annum.

Links to External Websites for Affiliated bodies.

Archery GB Website

Southern Counties Archery Society Website

Hampshire Archery Association Website

Please note that the fees quoted above are for guidance only and should be confirmed with the club committee before any payment is made.
All fees are subject to change at the discretion of the club or affiliating body.