Beginner's Courses, Corperate and "Have a Go"

Beginner's Courses - £60 for four sessions of two hours each


If you are new to archery then the best way to get started is by joining a beginners course.

These courses are designed to take people who are new to the sport of archery, or have had only limited previous experience, and teach them to be able to shoot safely and to a reasonable standard. We hope that everyone who completes the course will then decide to join the club and carry on shooting and enjoying archery with us.
We are currently running a course indoors on Tuesday in the school sports hall at The Petersfield School.

Course are normally run during the summer month outdoors and will run once a week on a Tuesday evening.

To enquire about our courses and to join the contact list please email: "petersfield.archery@gmail.com"
Please note that we do not ask for a deposit to join the wait list, and no payment will be requested from you until the course is confirmed. Payment can then be made by cheque or bank transfer (preferred).

Beginner's courses cost just £60 for 4 two hour lessons. This covers all coaching, use of facilities, use of equipment and insurance. All the necessary equipment is provided – all you need to do is turn up.
Our normal course is run as one session per week for four weeks and the course dates are confirmed when the course is offered to the waiting list.


Single taster session
If you are unsure whether you wish to commit to the full course, we may be able to arrange a single taster session at a cost of £20 for two hours. After this session you can upgrade to the full course by paying the remaining £40, provided there are spaces available on that course.
These taster sessions are by prior arrangement only, and priority will be given to those booking the full course.  again please email: "petersfield.archery@gmail.com"


There may be occasions when a session has to be postponed due to inclement weather, because the field or sports hall is unavailable to us or because the club coaches are unavailable. In these circumstances an alternative date will be arranged as soon as possible.

Beginners will get most out of the course if they can attend all planned sessions and we ask those enrolling on a course to be confident that they will be able to make the majority of the dates planned.
We are unable to guarantee that we will be able to organise additional dates if a beginner misses one or more sessions of their original course.

Children over the age of 8 are particularly welcome on the outdoor beginners’ courses during the spring and summer, although those under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult at all times. The indoor courses during the autumn and winter are really only suitable for children aged 12 and over due to the later timings and the constraints of shooting in the sports hall.
There is no upper age limit.

During the course we will teach you the key safety rules for archery and will get you shooting safely and to a reasonable standard using a recurve bow in both barebow and sighted styles of shooting.

We provide all the equipment and strongly recommend that you do not purchase any bows or arrows yourself until the end of the course, when we will be pleased to offer you any advice and support you may need when buying your first bow. However, if you have already got your own equipment you are welcome to use that on the course provided we can confirm it is suitable for you and safe to use. Please note that any such equipment must be in good condition. For safety reasons we can not allow the use of glassfibre or 100% carbon fibre arrows on the outdoor range.

The courses are run by club members holding coaching qualifications awarded by Archery GB, and operate in accordance with the Archery GB rules of shooting. All students on the beginners course are given temporary membership of Bowmen of Petersfield and are then covered by the insurance provided by Archery GB for the duration of the course.

At the end of the course, and provided you have attended the majority of the sessions, we will invite you to join the Bowmen of Petersfield archery club and carry on shooting with us. Alternatively, if you wish to join another club then we will award you a certificate confirming that you have successfully completed the course. This should be accepted by other Archery GB affiliated clubs as evidence that you have been taught to shoot safely.

For further information please email secretary@petersfieldarchery.org.uk



We can manage archery events for a wide range of corporate clients requiring team building, corporate events or company social events.
Your archery event can last the whole day or just part of a day which makes it great as a conference break - delegates can relax and let off steam for an hour and then return to the conference refreshed and receptive. If you have a large enough room and the weather is inclement, we can set up your event indoors.
When it comes to hitting the target you'll be sure to achieve it even without previous experience. We are proud that clients are always impressed by the quality of our services - "Its such a professional image portrayed by you and your company which help achieve the required objective and motivation" is one of the may positive comments we have received.  

"Have a Go" & Groups

We don't just provide archery sessions to corporate clients. If you have an upcoming birthday or other big family social event such as a wedding or anniversary, why not make archery a part of it? It is good fun and something that will make the day even more memorable for the right reasons.
If you are looking for something different to spice up your stag party or hen weekend, then contact us to arrange a session for yours. We will tailor the event to the length of time available.
Are you a carnival organiser or on the social committee of your club or organisation? Why not add archery to the list of carnival events or for your family fun day? It will be a fantastic attraction. Children will love to have a go (height restrictions apply). 


For the total novice you'll get a feeling of achievement and relaxing challenge. You will be given expert tuition and a bow with a draw weight (pulling power) that you can handle. Ideal for both corporate events and private parties or family days.
We generally use a single types of bow that is easy to manage so that your archery experience is as posative as possible. The recurve bow is the bow that is probably most associated with the sport (thanks to Robin Hood!!)


With a sport such as archery, safety is paramount. We will carry out full risk assessments of the different activities.
At the start of your session, we will explain the safety rules that must be followed to ensure that all goes smoothly - but don't worry, it's not rocket science!

These courses are very popular and must be booked in advance.