The 252 Award Scheme


What is it?

Compete against yourself, your fellow archers and the weather to score the benchmark score (or more) in just three dozen arrows on a full sized target face using five zone scoring. Shoot and record TWO scores at a distance (each score must be recorded on different days) and you can claim the award for that distance.

There are seven awards in total, from 20 yards to 100 yards. You can only shoot for one award at a time and must gain the awards in order. Beginners, novice and junior archers will start with the 20 yard award.

Once you have gained the award at your first distance you can move straight on and start trying to beat the benchmark at the next distance. Whilst you are trying to get the award at a specific distance please do not regularly try shooting any longer distances

What are the benchmark scores?

The scheme is called the 252 Award Scheme as that’s the benchmark score for rounds shot using a recurve bow.

The benchmark scores for each type of bow are;

20 yards252
(all distances)
(all distances)
(up to 60 yards)
(up to 60 yards)
30 yards
40 yards
50 yards
60 yards
80 yards126164
100 yards101139

Please note that if you shoot two types of bow – perhaps recurve and compound, then you will need to enter the scheme twice, once for each bow-type.

What do I win?

We could say that that achieving the score is reward enough. However, for each successful claim you will be eligible to receive a certificate and a 252 badge to wear on your quiver with pride. Your first badge will be free, subsequent badges will be available to buy for £2.50. Junior archers will get all their badges for free.



To be eligible each score must be

  • At the distance of the next award in sequence from the one you currently hold
  • Shot during a club shooting session as a 3 dozen round or first 3 dozen of a full scored round
  • Only 6 sighters allowed before the start of the 3 dozen
  • Recorded on a proper paper scoresheet with the score verified and signed for by another archer

To claim a benchmark score please

  • Fully complete the scoresheet (don’t forget the date, archer’s names, distances and all totals), sign it as the archer and have it countersigned by the scorer.
  • If it is shot as part of a full scored round, pass the scoresheet to the Records Officer as usual, but write “252 CLAIM” at the top of the sheet.
  • If the scoresheet is only for 3 dozen then pass it straight to the 252 Co-ordinator.
  • Only successful benchmark scores should be submitted, but please enter your first successful score immediately rather than wait until both scores can be claimed.

Full Bowmen of Petersfield 252 Scheme rules and regulations can be obtained by emailing the club secretary.

How Am I Doing?

If you've been shooting 252 rounds for a while, you may want to know how well you're getting on. View your 252 Score & handicaps here
Find your name in the sheet and you'll see how many times you've recorded a score at any particular distance.

If you'd like to take part but the above sounds complex; please speak to any of the coaches. Additionally, any archer who has one or more 252 badges on their quiver will be happy to help you out and score with you during any of the club shooting sessions (Tuesday or Friday evenings or Sunday mornings).